Bhagalpuri Chadar is weaved with staple yarn (mix cotton silk); it is also known as Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar. This chadar is very comfortable to use in winter, Summer & Rainy Season. This chadar is Easy to wash, comfortable in use and long lasting. It has soft silky touch.

Weaving Process of Chadar

Features of Bhagalpuri Chadar

1. The most comfortable soft silky full length body cover sheet Bhagalpuri chadar
2. It ,so soft that even anew born can be wrapped around for the almost comfort
3. The Chadar is weaved from 2 Ply staple yarn and is meant to cover the body while sleeping.
4. 100% organic yarn
5. The Chadar is highly comfortable in use specially during Summer season, Rainy season & Light Winter conditions

Types of Bhagalpuri Chadar

1. Plain Color Chadar : These types of Bhagalpuri Chadar comes in Single color mainly as Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Navy, Lemon Yellow, Olive Green, Grey, White.

2. Patta Chadar : Bhagalpuri Patta Chadar build with combination of two color yarn, in weaving process two or three color yarn used to create striped design. Patta Chadar comes in Red Patta, Pink Patta, Green Patta, Blue Patta, Red Green Blue Patta etc.

3. Double Yarn Chadar : Two yarn twisted and weaved in this type of Chadar, Major color is yellow, size is longer than usual.

4. Exclusive Chadar : Premium type of fabric, soft soothe dotted design fabric materialOne of the best ethnic gifting options for Grandfather, Grandmother, Grandparents, Friends etc.

5. Social Gifting Chadar: Social Event Gifting Shawl, This shawl can be given as present in event, meeting, conferences. All purpose and all season wearing chadar for grandfather, grandmother or all ages people. It is well comfort in use. Design of this chadar is very traditional comes in white color and brown floral strip, Mix Silk material used for weaving of this chadar. Dimension(LxB) : 210×110 Cm. Best For Social Event Gift, School-college programs, Political function, promotional campaign and Corporate gifting.

 Washing Instruction For Chadar: Softens after each wash. MACHINE WASH SEPARATELY GENTLE CYCLE HANG DRY. HAND WASH COLD. DO NOT BLEACH.