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EthnicAlive is a fashion brand bringing the traditional fabric to the market; we are promoting the ethnic handloom productions and facilitating them in marketing of products in Online & Offline Mediums.

EthnicAlive helps weavers, handloom manufacturers and other textile units to increase their presence and sales with help of our marketing channels.

View Our Fabric Catalog below.

SILK Fabric
Bhagalpur is a small city from Bihar situated in Bank of the river Ganga.  Bhagalpur also known as Silk City for production of various types of Silk Fabric. The Tussar Silk fabric is very popular silk fabric which is manufactured in Bhagalpur.  This silk is widely used in Sarees and other ethnic fashion apparel. Other than Tussar Silk in Bhagalpur other silk fabrics are also made like: KELA SILK, Ghicha Silk, Dupion Silk, Eri Silk, Muga Silk.

Linen, Cotton, Viscose & other Fabric
From past Bhagalpur fabric industry well known for its Silk production, but nowadays production of Cotton, Viscose and Linen fabric increases. These various made up in various color and patterns as per requirement.  These fabrics are used for Shirting & suiting, Kurta, Payajama, Stoles, Sarees and other fashion materials.  Due to cost effective manufacturing various fabrics making work comes here from all over the country.

Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar 
Bhagalpuri Andi Silk Chadars are best comforters quilt which can be used in every season,  it is light weight plain chadar built with traditional dull yarn manufactured in Bhagalpur, Bihar. It comes in many colors e.g: white, pink, yellow, green, blue and some dual or tri-colour pattern.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Bhagalpur silk and all other fabrics; kindly contact us for wholesale deals and custom fabric manufacturing.  Email us or call us for rate and other details.