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Handloom Products in India – Hand-Crafted Creation of Artisans

Handloom in India has been of great renown since ancient times. Evidence Sexists of trade between Egypt and the Indus Valley Civilization in handloom as early as 3000 B.C. Even under the British Rule of India, India made handloom was in huge demand. Over time, this remarkable industry saw a rather sad decline until recently. Recent trends have brought the handloom industry back into the limelight with thousands of small-scale industries being set up every day. The Make in India initiative was devised in order to transform India into a global manufacturing hub by launching several industries on a small scale to impact the economy.

Handloom SareeSome of the most popular handloom products made in India include handmade jewelry, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, handbags, and household items such as bedsheets, curtains, mats, etc. Several trade fairs showcasing handloom in India have started to grow, thereby bringing foreign business to India in droves. The biggest selling point of these products is that they are quality products that are both budget-friendly and attractive. Buy Indian handloom products today and enjoy the crafting finesse of masters. Support the Make in India movement and help India achieve an ideal economic growth in its industries.

Ethnic India: Different Handloom Products and Where to Find Them

There are literally hundreds of ethnic products of India that are the pride and joy of this great nation. The handloom industry has risen to greater heights in the last year or so with great gusto. Today, smaller industries manufacturing ethnic products in India are growing large enough to contribute to the nation’s economy. There is also another very important thing to understand related to this industry – different locales are famous for different handloom products. Different states of handloom products actually encourage a better economy by bringing in diverse options for a consumer to choose from. But for all this diversity, one thing is quite clear – all the different states of handloom products have one thing in common. They are all, more or less, supporting some very poor families in India to survive and flourish.

Here are some of the most prominent handloom producing states in India and the products that they are famed for:

  • Rajasthan – For centuries now, Rajasthan has been extremely well-known for its superb quality of cotton handloom. Bright, vivacious, and extremely sought after, the Bandhej style of dyed clothing is remarkable in textiles, carpets, bedsheets, jutis, and quilts.
  • Jammu and Kashmir – Over the ages, Jammu and Kashmir have made a name for itself worldwide for its remarkable shawls and rugs. Famed for weaving specialized fabrics such as Pashmina, Silk, Cotton, and Raffal Wool, Kashmir handlooms are truly superb.
  • West Bengal – West Bengal has had a unique connection with sarees for centuries now. The state is famed for sarees spun from varieties of cotton prints such as Jamdani, Tangail, Begampuri, and Dhanekhali and silk prints such as Baluchari and Battick.
  • Bihar Handloom – Bihar renowned for handloom Fabric such as Silk, Cotton, Linen. Bhagalpur District in Bihar is famous for its Silk production, Handloom Sarees in Tussar Silk are truly unique and eye-catching.